The IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Resilience recognizes outstanding individuals who make substantial contributions to the advancement of security and resilience, inspiring other members of the community with their pioneering research and innovation. The awardees need not be IEEE members.

The awards process is chaired by members of the CSR Steering Committee. A paper from the conference or its associated workshops could be nominated in more than one award category, but is not allowed to win more than one award, collectively referred to as best paper rewards. Papers from members of the PC cannot be nominated for the best paper award.

An initial list of five top-ranked candidate papers will be compiled in each award category based on the papers’ overall review score. The award criteria to consider include the technical quality, novelty, potential impact, editorial quality, and presentation quality of the paper. Typically, there will be one winner per award category per year.

The authors of a winning paper will be announced on the IEEE CSR website and will receive an official award certificate. Moreover, they will be invited to submit an extended version of their paper in a special issue of an international peer-review journal, depending on the availability of a post-publication agreement.

The awards ceremony is held annually at the IEEE CSR conference.

Best Research Paper Award

This award is established to recognize and promote high-quality regular research contributions to theoretical and practical aspects of security, privacy, trust, and resilience of networks, systems (including complex cyber-physical systems), applications, and services.

Eligibility criteria: The paper must have been indicated as a regular paper in the Submission Type in the conference management system.

This award is sponsored by MDPI Journal on Cybersecurity and Privacy of amount 300 Euro.

Best Industrial Paper Award

The goal of this award is to promote outstanding industrial papers promoting contributions on technology development, innovations and implementations in the areas of cyber-security and resilience with a high potential impact.

Eligibility criteria: The paper must have been indicated as an industrial paper in the Submission Type in the conference management system.

This award is sponsored by IEEE SMC Italy Chapter with an amount of 300 Euro

Best Student Paper Award

This award is established to encourage and recognize especially meritorious papers, which are submitted by undergraduate or graduate students, dealing with a subject related to the IEEE CSR technical scope.

Eligibility criteria: The primary author of the paper must be a student at the time of submission; this must have been indicated in the first author’s Participant Type in the conference management system. All submission types are eligible for this award category.

This award is sponsored by IEEE CSR Conference with an amount of 300 Euro

The IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC) Society’s Technical Committee on Homeland Security (TCHS) serves the interests of its members and the community at large by promoting the theory, practice, and interdisciplinary aspects of security. This is accomplished via international conferences, peer-reviewed publications, and other opportunities so as to contribute to the professional needs of its members.

The IEEE Technical Committee on Homeland Security has established an Awards Program to recognize the brightest professionals and scientists for their outstanding discoveries and contributions in the field. Cash prizes are provided selectively for awards administered by the IEEE TCHS. The award ceremony is held annually at the IEEE CSR conference.

IEEE TCHS Outstanding Leadership Award

This award recognizes an individual’s outstanding leadership contributions to the homeland security community in general and to the field of cyber security and resilience in particular. The award recognizes the leadership and visionary contributions to the society at large through the promotion and applications of security and resilience concepts to a variety of technology, science, and business domains.

IEEE TCHS Research and Innovation Award

This award recognizes an individual’s or research group’s outstanding technical innovations in the field of homeland security that led to theoretical or practical advancements. The contributions must have significantly influenced the research and development directions in the field, or transferred to practice in significant and innovative ways, or enabled the development of new paradigms, systems, and products.

IEEE TCHS Outstanding Service Award

This award recognizes a member of the Technical Committee on Homeland Security for outstanding services into building the TCHS community with significant and continuous volunteering efforts and achievements, like services to the IEEE CSR events’ organization.

IEEE TCHS Young Researcher Award

This award recognizes very promising individuals who are in the early stages of their research careers, but have already made outstanding, impactful and potentially long-lasting contributions to the research and practice of cyber security and resilience.

Eligibility criteria: Candidates must be below the age of 40 and have earned a doctorate degree no more than 10 years before, as of January 1st of the year of the award.

IEEE TCHS Women in Homeland Security Award

This award recognizes women leaders who have demonstrated long-standing, sustained, and impactful contributions to homeland security practice or research, providing a female role model for young women pursuing a career in the field.