2021 IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Resilience

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Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) sharing platforms are valuable tools in cybersecurity. However, despite the fact that effective CTI exchange highly depends on human aspects, cyber behavior in CTI sharing platforms has been notably less investigated by the security research community.

Motivated by this research gap, we ground our work in the concrete challenge of understanding users’ perceptions of information sharing in CTI platforms. To this end, we propose a conceptual workflow and toolchain that would seek to verify whether users have an accurate comprehension of how far information travels when shared in a CTI sharing platform.

We contextualize our concept within MISP as a use case, and discuss the benefits of our socio-technical approach as a potential tool for security analysis, simulation, or education/training support. We conclude with a brief outline of future work that would seek to evaluate and validate the proposed model.


Borce Stojkovski    
SnT, University of Luxembourg

Gabriele Lenzini    
SnT, University of Luxembourg


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